This is the most simple game of all the games that can be found in a casino. It is even more simple than wheel of fortune.

You place your bet on the table and you get one card face up and the dealer also get one card face. The person with the highest card wins the game. An ace is the highest and a two is the lowest.

The casino has its advantage when it comes to a draw, when you and the dealer both have the same card value. If this happens you have two options, stop or go to war (double).
– Stop: this is when you actually stop and you loose your bet, no cards will be drawn.
– Go to war: this is your second option, you have to double your bet and each of you get another card. The person with the highest value card wins.

As you can see this is the easiest game that exists but it can also be a very fun game to play. The casino odds are exactly the same as yours except when you have to go to war, this is when the casino has an advantage. This is a game that has been invented to give you a bit of excitement and it will. We play war only when we have spare cash and we want to do something else where we do not need to think. We see the game as good alternative when we are tired of the other games and just want to ahve some fun with a small amount of cash. If you where thinking of doubling your bankroll with this game then we would advise you not to, you would be better off going to a roulette table and playing on black or red.