Online Poker Tips

These tips have been put here to help you improve your online poker play. There will always be exceptions but these tips apply for most of your regular hands.

  • 1. Do not get emotionally involved with your cards. You must be able to throw away your cards when it is clear that you are beaten. Example, if you have a decent hand but other players are doing big raises then get out. Do not think that you can beat them with the last community card that is being drawn.
  • Raise good hands. There will be a time when you get a great hand so make sure that other players pay a lot to see them. Do bare in mind that you should not raise too much as you want other players to call and not to fold. An unbeatable hand does not come around that often so only do this when you have one and not if you think that you MIGHT win but only when you are pretty sure to win.
  • Fold bad hands, it sounds quite simple but trust us, it isn’t. There will be times where you think that you might win but do not risk too much on your intuitions. You are playing against other players that probably have a better hand than yours so very often it is just a case of folding and waiting for the next hand. This may take a while but there is no reason for playing a bad hand, it is a complete waste of money.
  • Play against poor players, this may sound wimpy but if you want to win it will help you. There is no point in playing at a table where you are always loosing because you lack the skill. Stand up and go to another table where you can win.
  • Don’t always think you have to play a hand. Poker is a game of skill and calculated risk taking. If you play every hand then you are bound to loos, as not every hand is a winner. The chances of you getting a winning hand are many times smaller than getting a loosing hand, so when you play make sure you have a winning hand.
  • Observe your opponents. This is very important as when you are playing online poker you cannot see any facial expressions so all you have to go on is their game play in the past. Take notes if you have to, as long as you can put every opponent into a category so that you have some idea f what they will do when you act.
  •  Do not become committed to the pot. There will come a time when you do not want to fold because you already have some much money in the pot. This means that you will call all raises and probably loos the hand and at the same time loos more money. If you feel that you do not have a winning hand then get out and do not look at what you have already put in the pot.