The most common casino game in the world, Blackjack. Blackjack is also the best table game to play, not just because we think it is but because it gives you the best odds of all table games within a casino.

Blackjack is known by everybody in the world because we have all played it at least once in our lives. This can be at home round the kitchen table or within a casino. The basic idea of the game is always the same, no matter where you have played it before. The only real difference between playing Blackjack at home or in a casino is that the rules are slightly different. The casino has very clear rules which is not very often the case when you are playing at the kitchen table.
It is very important to know what a bank is going to do, draw a card or stand. When there is money at stake you want to know exactly what is happening and exactly what the bank is going to do in different situations.
For your information we have put down a few basic rules that are very important, for full detailed information about the game we have given you a superb link that will tell you everything about the game.

Basic Blackjack rules:

– Bank will stand at 17 unless it is 17 soft.
– If you split aces they will only get one card.
– When you double up you only get one card.
– Splitting is only done when you have two cards with the same value.