Casino FAQ’s

Here you will find our frequently asked questions. As this site has been made for information purposes for other online gamblers we often get questions about online casinos and online poker rooms. Very often the same question is asked by a different person so we have summed up the most frequent ones for you to read.

Q: How do I know it’s all fair?
A: All online casinos are based in other countries like the Cayman Islands and Gibraltar for tax reasons, but when it comes to the fairness of the games these companies are the straightest you will ever see in the world, that even go great lengths to prove it. Example, (…online casino…) is independently audited every month by Price Waterhouse Coopers and (…online casino…) is inspected by iTech Labs every month. They also conduct digital fingerprinting of the casino’s software every day to make sure that nothing is altered between the audits. All the audits are mainly focused on the random number generators, this is to ensure that random really means random.

Q: What happens if I am disconnected?
A: You will not loos your whole bankrolls if you are disconnected so do not worry. If you are playing blackjack, craps or video poker the game will simply pause until you log back on and then the game will commence as if you had never left. If you are playing roulette or slots and you have already placed your bets and spun the wheel then still, no worries. Just log back on and see what the result was, you might even have won. You can always look back at the results with the button “Game History”.

Q: Can I play for free?
A: All online casinos give player the option to play for free, fun money. Just open an account by giving some details and you will be given a few thousand dollars. This allows you to practise on all the tables except for when there is a progressive jackpot, it would not be good if a fun money player won the jackpot. If your bankroll is finished then you can easily get more fun money and if you have any problems then just use the live help button, customer service representatives are always glad to help you.

Q: How do I get my winnings back?
A: It is not possible to transfer you winnings back onto your credit or debit card because the card companies will not allow it. However all online casinos have the following options, cheque, wire transfer or deposit direct into your e-wallet account. This normally takes a few days to process but not to worry as your money is on its way. If you deposit into your account it is possible to play straight away, there are no extra delays.

Q: Can I play against other people?
A: When you are playing in an online casino you are always playing against the bank, a machine. This is not the case when you are playing online poker, not video poker but in a poker room. Here you play against other people and not against a machine.
If you find that not all your questions are answered then please drop us a mail with your remaining questions and we will get back to you with the answers.