Keno, also known as Bingo is a game that can be very exciting and give you hours of pleasure. In land based casinos you normally only see elderly people sitting behind a keno machine but times are changing.

There are more and more bingo sites popping up around the place because it is a game that can get to you. If you win once then you will have been had. By choosing the correct numbers you can win a lot of money, when we say a lot me mean millions and very often hundreds of thousands.
If you play Keno and you play the max then you are allowed to guess ten numbers. Not all the numbers have to be drawn to win but only a few. With as little as three numbers correct you will already receive a prize, it really starts getting interesting when you manage to predict 6 or more numbers. This is when you start getting a few hundred times your bet.
If you where to bet $10 and you predicted seven of the twenty numbers which are drawn then you are looking to have a good night. This is exactly the reason why Keno is catching on so fast, you can win huge amount of cash with just a small bankroll. The only real disadvantage of the game is that you do not need any skill to play it. If the computer decides to let you win then you win. It is not like Poker or Blackjack where there is a certain element of skill involved.