Sic Bo

Sic Bo, a dice game very different to Craps. Sic Bo is another great game where it is normally very social at a table. It makes a great change from when you have just been playing another serious game.

The game involves three die, which are tumbled in a tumbler each game. You may place your bets on the table in the differently marked segments. The table looks very complicated but it is actually very easy. There are many different combinations because with three die the outcome can be different many times. On the table you will find all the different outcome options, this is the reason why it looks so complicated.
Die combinations can be found for two die and also for three die. This means that you can also bet on the outcome of a two die combination instead of having to predict all three the die. This makes the game a little more interesting as your chance of winning is then larger.

Sic Bo, has to be one of the more social games within a casino but it is also one of the worst games, odds wise. This is a game that is normally loved by the ladies while their husbands are doing the serious work at other tables. We like this game as it gives you something to do when you are trying to relax or get your head together before going for the big money. All in all, a game with many different betting options and will keep you busy for a good deal of the night. Just remember, do not spend your whole bankroll on this game, the odds are not at all in your favor.